So, you’ve got your business online because that’s what every other guy is doing. We all do what’s necessary for survival. Now you consider it’s probably time to throw in some ads. How else would your online audience notice you in this extremely crowded pool of competition? Here’s where Google Ads comes to your rescue. Because, of course, Google is the giant stairway to all your audiences searches. From “how to make soap” to “how to use Google Ads”, Google has it all. And if you can turn that traffic to your website using optimized ad placement, you’ve struck a gold mine.

What started in the year 2000 as Google Ads, an online advertising service by Google, has evolved into the main source of revenue for Google today by turning in more than 90% of Google’s revenue. Still can’t trust Ads? You’ve got to be kidding me. Anyway, let’s have a look at the reasons that make Google Ads awesome.

1. It’s Fast – Get Your Ad rank in less than 10 mins

No one likes to wait in a long queue in this age. Even for their favorite ice-cream. So why wait for your ad to surface? If everything is done well and you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s, it is likely that your ad may go live in less than 10 mins. Depending on how your ad has been optimized it may take longer than that but the waiting time usually isn’t much. Sometimes less than the time for your favorite ice-cream.

2. Pay only for clicks

Ads may appear like a digital hoarding being shoved onto people’s faces while they search for stuff online but here’s where it differs from those toothpaste commercials hoardings you spot on the highway. It charges you only for the number of clicks on your ad and not for the number of times your ad has shown up on someone’s search results. So you don’t have to end up paying for all the times your ad was ignored when the user was just driving by in a hurry. Value for money.

3. Flexibility of selecting your target location

Assume you own a small Pizza outlet and are delivering Pizzas in your city you wouldn’t want people from another country ordering your Pizza. It might be the tastiest Pizza in town but unless you can really teleport Pizzas to the end of this world, paying for advertising in another location isn’t a good idea. Google Ads gives you the option to define your target location so you can decide whether to show ads in only your city, your country or the entire world. By the way, if you can teleport Pizzas, we need to have a word.

4. Flexibility as per your budget – Cost Control

With traditional advertising you pay a fixed sum for your ads for an amount of time when you want your ad to be shown no matter how much the return on investment. This allows you to burn through your budget very easily. But with Google Ads you can cap your daily expenditure on your campaign at a specified limit so you don’t overrun your budget. If you intend to take a step back and go for a second look at your campaign to make it more effective, you still can. Makes managing your ad campaign budget much easier.

5. Bidding as per your keywords value

You could be advertising for “men’s sports shoes” where what you really want to sell are shoes. It is important that your ad shows up for search results against ‘shoes’ and in more specific terms ‘sports shoes’. With Google Ads you can choose to bid higher for specific keywords which you believe can send your ad to more relevant customers and generate more leads while you can bid lower for lesser important keywords.

6. Easy to measure results

How would you know if your ads are being really effective? Of course from the sky rocketing sales your business is seeing but it doesn’t hurt to know how your ads are actually working; which ads have pulled customers to your website and which of them have been the black sheep in the family. Google Ads measures this with the intensity of the guy in your office who makes a living only on spreadsheets and presentations. From graphs to measure the effectiveness of your ads over time to charts for quantifying the lead generation through specific ads, Ads presents everything for you to analyze the consistency of your campaign. You can see the number of times your ad has been viewed, clicked or generated sales.

7. Retarget old website visitors

You can target ads towards visitors who have reached your website through other mediums even after they have bid farewell to your website. This means basically following them around on the internet like a trusty little pet. Creepy it may sound but Google Ads’ “display ads” allow you to sneak up on your visitors from time to time while they are surfing the web with little snippets of your ad persuading them to visit your website again. Reminding them that it’s never too late to buy those perfect sunglasses.